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As a Faith-based Charitable Incorporated Organisation we work with individuals, families and communities to create a culture of Worship by raising an annual altar of pure and unadultrated worship, which in turn is intended to ignite a passion for daily worship in the hearts of all those who attend.

We also teach practical sessions and workshops targeted at every area of communal and personal worship including dance, lights, sounds and prophetic arts.

Each summer and in online platforms through out the year we are engaging the youth, young adults and the elderly in integrative sessions designed to foster a sense of community and worship

15 attendees 2017

350 attendees 2017

1,400 attendees 2018


We are funded solely by the generous contributions of our core team and of believers like you. Please consider making a donation of £10 every month to support us.
When you set up a regular donation to Haven you support us to be able to continue this vital work we do and help us plan towards each event as well as the ongoing charitable incentives through out the year.
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With your gift of time, service, expertise and donations, we are are able to do more, reach more and be more. . .

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With your donations

We are able to deliver workshops, providing service to Gods kingdom


We are able to organise workshops


“Sophie, you are just awesome! No words to explain your awesomeness😁, hope to keep in touch. Tx for the lovely gift😘absolutely loved it!
@Ade…I pray that the good Lord be with you and your dear wife and continue to expand this vision. As you bless others, so shall the good Lord bless you both, abundantly above all you can ever ask or think🙏🏾 As you continue to be obedient to His call, may He expand your coast in every side and cause you to laugh always🙏🏾
It was a privilege to serve…an awesome way to be ushered into another year being added to me.
I have worked with all sorts of teams in my lifetime in various capacities but this sure beats all hands down!❤
Flo (Haven 2018 Volunteer – Protocol)


Haven 2018 has been an awesome experience. Being able to welcome people who were ready and hungry for something new and seeing them leave smiling and full was great. Haven is so needed and I’m just glad to be a part of something that God has his fingerprint on.

Grace (Haven 2018 Volunteer – Registration desk)


…My heart goes out to you for all the things you do. You and your team will be in our prayers hope to see you soon.

Shalom shalom

Hugh and Marcia


. . .Thanks for the HAVEN experience. Hope to see you all next year. 

Carmen, (Netherlands)


Good morning all!

Am sure you are all still on a high from Saturday. Let’s keep the fire burning for our Lord, let’s keep journeying deeper into intimacy and closeness with the Godhead – Father, Son and Holy Spirit! How beautiful it was to spend time with you all and worship alongside each other once again. Glory to God.

God bless you Ade and Esther for all you sowed into the day. May you reap and gather plentifully!

Martin and I were really blessed to be part of the day.

God bless you.

Cheryl and Martin


Hallelujah we Holland team had an awesome time. Looking forward to next year

Sherma (Netherlands)

Engaging children

Empowering children with worship skills

Engaging Young Adults

With your donations, we are able to reach and engage more young adults

Engaging Young Adults

With your donations, we are able to reach and engage more young adults