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the blessing project

A HAVEN Milton Keynes Collaborative
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a message of Hope

Dear Milton Keynes

Why not join with us on this uplifting community building project during this COVID pandemic. We are forming a collective, to recreate the song “The Blessing” and are eagerly on the lookout for as many people/groups/artists as possible to get involved from Milton Keynes and beyond.


In this Unfamiliar times, it appears many have become surrounded by tears and sorrow
. . . truly locked in . . . truly locked down
The fabrics of many lives have become sewn together by threads of pain, fear and uncertainty!
We need Words of comfort, encouragement, hope and love to pull us through.
Join Us in being the voice of Hope as we stand together, pull together, rise together as a community and declare Unity, Pride, Positivity, Healing and restoration in our beautiful Milton Keynes and to other lands, near and beyond.


How to Join in

1. Register via email
Register on the form below (Click Here).

2.  Prepare

Once we get your email, we will send you a Capture pack. The capture pack will contain details of the projects, audio/video sample files and information on how best to capture your work in good quality.

Please find the link leading to your audio sample files, download your part. Once you have familiarised yourself then please record it.

Non music arts are welcome. You can send a goodwill message, a note of thanks or a picture to appreciate the front liners.

Please take a clear picture of your work and send to us as well.

3. Capture

If you don’t have a home studio or access to one, you can record in a room that has no echo.
Any room that has thick drapes and carpets help to reduce echo and dead sound.
Please avoid kitchens, hallways, bathrooms etc.

Shoot landscape.
Place phone on a stable object; avoid using your hand to hold your phone.
When capturing, turn to the light source so it bounces on your face. Don’t have your back against the light.
If you are using lighting, natural sunlight works best, use white sheets/drapes/shower curtains etc., to help you reduce intensity of light. Or capture just when the sun has gone down.
Choose a beautiful background. Avoid plain or white backgrounds.
Avoid wearing the same color as your background.
Avoid any objects (clocks, pictures, portraits etc.) in the background of your video.

4. Send

Once you have successfully captured your audio and video and are satisfied with the quality, send your files to theblessingproject@havenx.org. You will receive a confirmation email saying we have received it.

5. Spread the word

While our studio geeks work on the project, we would need you to spread the word to your family, friends, communities, charities and churches.

5. Feedback and Comments

Do send us your thoughts, prayers, feedback via email.

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Upcoming Songs

What song would you like us to do next?

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We understand you may have a few questions about the project. So we will populate FAQs for you as we go along

If your question is yet unanswered, kindly send an email to theblessingproject@havenx.org and we will be happy to help.