Silvano Griffith-Francis is a passionate play and screenwriter who has been writing Christian themed plays from the age of seventeen. She holds a degree in Creative Arts, a Cert HL in Theology and is also an actor, director and producer.

In 2013 she resigned from her position at the BBC to pursue this passion full time and further develop SVG Productions. Her vision was to provide Christian actors with the opportunity to use their gifts without having to compromise their faith while bringing wholesome and entertaining shows to theatres across the country. She went on to win the Wise Women award for this work. In 2016 she wrote and produced her first feature film and has another screenplay due for production in 2018.

As well as all things stage related, Silvano is a prolific traveller with an appreciation of different nationalities and loves engaging in various cultures. To date, she has ventured to over 63 countries worldwide. She is also an enthusiastic cook, using the flavours from the diverse cuisines she has sampled across the globe to influence her own dishes. In 2017 she began, baking, decorating and selling a range of novelty cakes as an extension of her creativity.