GREEN Session

—Peace in the Storm

—when your leader says No​

—Solving problems

—Dealing with conflicts and contradictions

Pastor Ebun Abarshi

We do realise that there are conflicts in life and sometimes it’s not always “happy days”. It’s probably quite useful discussing how one can deal with these problems.

How do you keep the ball rolling in the midst of a storm within?

How do you handle conflicts and contradictions?

What do you do when your leader says “NO” when you feel it should be a “YES”

How do you pass a message across different audiences?

How do we de-escalate troubling scenarios, conversations and times?

Ebun is a mother, pastor and doctor with experience in palliative care medicine so we feel she would be able to help us wade through these delicate topics.

Remember, this isn’t a lecture or a course. It’s an open discussion.
See you there.