The John Maxwell Team Executive Director, President of Diana Kenoly Enterprises, Diana Kenoly’s
work is focused on leadership development and personal growth. For almost two decades, Diana
has worked in corporate environments, the United Kingdom education sector, in not-for-profit
organizations delivering Global Operations Management where her work extends to regions in East
Africa, West Africa, South America, Asia, Mauritius, Europe, and North America. Her global success combined with being trained and mentored by John Maxwell (Forbes & Inc. Magazine’s #1 rated Leadership Expert, Author and New York Times Best Seller), and world-class mentors at the John Maxwell Team, have given Diana a powerful understanding of how people and organizations can work more effectively towards their highest potential.

Diana Kenoly Enterprises is dedicated to helping individuals, teams and businesses develop their number one asset, their people to help them achieve their highest needs.

In 2018, Diana has added an empowerment component to her work through a Global Mentoring
Program. The Women’s Edition of this program was launched early this year across three
continents: Africa, Europe and North America.

The future of leadership is not ahead of us, the future of leadership is within us. Diana is passionate
about developing a generation of leaders who will accept the responsibility of building a nation,
believe in the greatness of a nation, commit their scarce resources including their network and their
networth to deliver the future of a nation. Diana is committed to leverage her platform to help
leaders, individuals and teams develop their ability to communicate and collaborate on the global
platform so that they can expand their influence and multiply their impact.

She is certified to facilitate, speak, train and coach individuals and groups in the areas of leadership development, professional skills and personal growth. She is equipped with the tools, resources and experience to help Christian youth leaders, church leaders, pastors, team members improve team productivity and performance.